Research Theme

Smart Energy

Specialist Area Leader: Sean Lyons

An energy conscious society is pushing for more efficient and cost effective strategies to control energy usage and to increase the usage of renewables. This opens up  researching into the following areas: Distributed energy systems – moving away from large decentralised power generation with long transmission systems to smaller, intelligent and local generation; Virtual network metering/Peer to peer sharing – allowing prosumers (those producing and consuming energy) to share that energy with neighbours with balancing of transaction costs; Supply/demand balancing, peak shaving – intelligent demand usage away from peak expensive times; Time of use tariff incentives – incentivisation of consumers to alter their energy profiles; Renewables intermittency – balancing of the system with high penetration of variable renewable energy resources.

strand 1

Smart Grid

The electrical grid is undergoing a paradigm shift from a large centralised, unidirectional system to an intelligent network where supply and demand are balanced with distributed and renewable sources of energy using aggregation, flexibility and empowering prosumers to take control of their energy. We are addressing how ICT systems will drive this new paradigm and facilitate the intelligence and control to allow end users become prosumers.

strand 2

Renewable Energy

Incorporating variable and intermittent renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar is critical to decarbonising our environment and reducing our reliance on finite fossil fuels. This theme focusses on forecasting and predicting the generation capabilities of these distributed resources based on the myriad of environmental and infrastructural conditions that affect them.

Sean Lyons

Technical Lead

John McLaughlin

Senior Software Engineer

David Ryan

Software Research Engineer

Jason Whelan

Software Engineer

Kristina Matuleviciute

Graduate Software Developer

Miguel Ponce de Leon

Chief Architect


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