Ehsan Elahi

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Ehsan Elahi

Experienced Software Research Engineer
P: +353 (0)89 9549552
Personal Summary

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-4257-072

Ehsan is working as Software Research Engineer with Emerging Network Lab (ENL) research unit of TSSG. He joined TSSG in February 2015. His research interests includes energy and carbon aware  load management in the cloud, future Internet architectures and mobility management. He worked on H2020 projects such as Pristine and SpeakNGI. He also worked on C2GRAN ( project which was funded through the H2020 5GinFIRE project. This was about energy aware autoscaling and load balancing in cloud radio access networks. He is currently working on another use-case project MELD(Machine Learning for Early Lameness Detection) of SmartHerd, which is funded through the IoF2020 project (


Masters in Computer Engineering


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