Ian Mills

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Ian Mills

AR/VR Technical Lead
P: +353 (0)51 302 927
Personal Summary

Having joined the TSSG in July 2013 Ian was involved in the XIFI project. (https://www.fi-xifi.eu/) Large scale trials for future internet project built on a multiplicity of heterogeneous cloud environments. Later moving onto iricent CRD. As part of his ongoing research Ian completed his MSc in Computing(Comms. Software) in May 2015. His dissertation deals with creating intuitive 3D interaction techniques for 3D windowing systems.

Ian now currently is the development lead in the TSSG VR group working on innovative projects such as EI TSSG/Tyndall CF VR Glove, NerveVR Glove, VR Experiences such as mass manipulation VR and AR applications octagon studio CRD. As part of his work with TSSG Ian works closely with clients to scope their VR/AR ideas and is currently involved with several partners on AR Applications.


Ian received his BSc (Hons) degree in Entertainment systems from Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). During this time Ian completed his internship on an EI funded project titled Audibility.

BSc(Hons.) in Entertainment Systems (2009-2013)
MSc in Computing (Comms. Software) (2013-2015)