John Ronan

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John Ronan

Tech Lead
P: +353 (0)51 302 938
Personal Summary

John returned to the Infrastructure Group of TSSG in 2006, to the role of systems administrator. Up until then he was working with Cartoon Saloon (a feature-film animation studio based in Kilkenny). While with them he developed and presented a three-year roadmap of IT infrastucture improvements, and personally orchestrated the first phase of these: a major networking and storage upgrade that had to be completed with zero hours of lost production time. This plan now forms the blueprint for Cartoon Saloon’s other ventures, including their new production partnership company, Lighthouse studios.

From November 2015 to April 2016 he was responsible for developing a proof-of-concept network security device. This involved the use of various technologies including AWS, OpenVPN, Ansible, Mikrotik Routers, Raspberry Pi, PHP and the Python language

From 2013 to mid 2015 he was in a start-up company where he spent quite a bit of time in Europe talking to prospective customers and agents. This included and several weeks testing at Deutsche Telecom labs. This resulted in several customers including Reitlanden BV, Port of Amsterdam, and the German government security services. He was responsible for the design, deployment, comissioning of services across all AWS regions, some custom deploymentsfor specific customers, as well as monitoring and management systems for the entire infrastructure and Level 3 support.

From August 2000 until April 2012, John worked various roles within TSSG with a focus on Networking and Security.


2004, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Waterford IT.
2000, MSc. in Computing “Firmware Deployment of Strong Encryption, an Investigation and Implementation”, Waterford IT.
1998 BSc in Computing (Industrial), Waterford IT.
1995 Class A Radio Experimenters License, Cork.
1993 National Certificate in Industrial Computing (Industrial), Waterford IT

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