Kevin Doolin

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Kevin Doolin

Director of Innovation
P: +353 (0)51 302 935
Personal Summary



Kevin Doolin is the Director of Innovation at Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG).

In this role, Kevin is responsible for oversight and strategic direction of TSSG’s Applied and Commercial Research Activities. He plays a key role in driving the TSSG Research Units and staff to get involved in EU applied research, and the EI ComFund, driving proposal strategies for all relevant research funding calls including, but not limited to, the key cross-unit decisions, assisting in commercial, research and proposal development of each unit.

Kevin’s area of expertise is Pervasive Computing, which is the forerunner to ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Kevin has been involved in this space since he joined TSSG in 2004. Kevin has already coordinated a number of key EU projects in this space, for example the €15M EU flagship project, which closed in April 2014 and received significant praise from expert scientific reviewers. Kevin describes the project, “SOCIETIES focuses on bridging the gap between pervasive and social computing and enables the establishment of dynamically formed networks of people and things which can in turn be offered personalised mobile services”. SOCIETIES is detailed in two key magazines produced during the project.

Kevin is currently coordinating the 60 partner, €17m, H2020 Project DEMETER (, which focuses on full supply chain interoperability in the Agriculture sector. 

Kevin was the founder of a TSSG startup called ‘Fuseami’. Fuseami provides a service whereby attendees at events and conferences can discover each other based on their degree of relevance.


Research Funding

EU FP6 Daidalos: (participant) €25m, 700k TSSG

EU FP6 Daidalos 2: (participant) €25m, €1m TSSG

Enterprise Ireland IMSARCS: (coordinator) €2m TSSG

Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway: (coordinator) €2m TSSG

EU FP7 PERSIST: (coordinator) €5m, €1m TSSG

EU FP7 SOCIETIES: (coordinator) €15m, €2m TSSG

Enterprise Ireland VSEBaaS: (coordinator) €400k TSSG

Enterprise Ireland CSF: (coordinator) €25k Fuseami Ltd.

EU FIC3 Accelerator: (coordinator) €112k fuseami Ltd.

Enterprise Ireland Support Grants: (coordinator) €200k, TSSG

H2020 NIVA: (participant) €300k, TSSG

H2020 SmartAgriHubs: (participant) €150k, TSSG 

H2020 DEMETER: (coordinator) €17.5m, €2.04M, TSSG                                                                          

Total ~ €12M


BTech Electronics



Journal Articles

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    Book Chapters

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    Conference Papers

  • Ioanna Roussaki, Pavlos Kosmides, George Routis, Kevin Doolin, Veronique Pevtschin.

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Academic Supervision

Programme Committee Member / Paper reviewer for IADIS (International Association for Development of the Information Society) International Conference 2005, December Porto, Portugal

Invited as expert reviewer for 12th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, Aveiro, Portugal, July 2007

Workshop chair/organiser: “Aspects of Pervasiveness”, eChallenges 2006, October 2006, Barcelona, Spain