Kristina Matuleviciute

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Kristina Matuleviciute

Experienced Software Developer
P: +353 (0)51
Personal Summary

ORCID ID is 0000-0003-0994-2363

Kristina joined TSSG as an Intern in July 2016, since then she has become an Experienced Software Developer. She is currently working as a front end developer on the  piSCES project , which involves  researching the smart cluster energy system for fish process industry.

Kristina started work on RegEnergy  – renewable energy region project, smart sharing of energy, on front end development using React.js. The piSCES technology was developed for industrial energy users with an element of flexibility to their load profile. Integrating renewable energies in a distributed fashion will form a major tenant of the future smart grid.

The next step after optimising individual sites is facilitating the sharing of renewable energy to neighbouring clients when renewable generation is greater than demand. This peer to peer energy sharing will allow a far higher penetration of renewables in a distributed fashion and will facilitate the development of Sustainable Energy Parks where the clients will be energy prosumers – buying and selling energy within their local community in a sustainable way. This is the focus of RegEnergy technology and allows clients to optimally integrate renewables individually and also avail of renewables belonging to the energy cluster as a whole.


Higher Diploma in Science in Computer Science in WIT.

MSc in Computing (Enterprise Software Systems ) – current