Paul Hickey

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Paul Hickey

Technical Lead
Personal Summary

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-2080-3121

Paul graduated with a BA Hons in Digital Media from University of Wolverhampton in 2002 and an MSc in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin in 2005.

Paul spent a number of years working with a design agency on web development and software prototyping projects. He then began work with Treemetrics, a company delivering forest management systems to forestry companies and national forest agencies. Paul led the design of new software products for earth observation data analysis and real-time harvest monitoring and also carried out front end development on their ForestHQ systems.

In 2015, Paul co-founded Breadboard Labs to focus on developing software tools that deliver a positive environmental impact. Paul was head of design and also carried out front end development across web and mobile applications and client projects, in support of the engineering team.

Breadboard Labs is the developer of the Curio software platform, which is used by cities and communities around the world to improve management of environmental infrastructure and was developed under contract with the European Space Agency.

A key area of interest for Paul is data-storytelling and the design of services that can more appropriately present to users meaningful answers from complex or vast-scale data.