Samitha Sulakshana Somathilaka

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Samitha Sulakshana Somathilaka

PhD Student
Personal Summary


Samitha is currently pursuing his PhD research on Modelling & Simulation of Bacteria-Based Molecular Communications Systems under the thematic area of Bio-Nano Communications at TSSG funded by the VistaMilk, a SFI research centre.  He is currently investigating the bacteria natural signalling system to design realistic simulations of whole-cell biosensors for AgriTech applications. The goal is to investigate molecular communications systems that support the development of robust and reliable bacteria-based biosensors.

Research Interests

Molecular Communication, Bacterial communication, Bio Sensors, IoBNT, Knowledge Structures of the brain, Codification of perception,  Communication Networks in CNS, Behavioral Analysis of human.


Master of Science from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2017. Thesis title: “Active Authentication for Mobile Platform Using Behavioral Patterns”

Bachelor of Science from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka in 2013.

  • S. Somathilaka, J. Jayakody and D. Dissanayake, “Hybrid Intrusion Detection Approach with Improved Accuracy,” in 14th Academic Sessions, Matara, 2017.
  • D. Dissanayake, S. S. Somathilaka and J. Jayakody, “Intrusion Detection Using One Class Support Vector Machine (OCSVM),” in Proceedings of the PGIS Research Congress, Peradeniya, 2017.
Academic Supervision

A.S.Kaushalya ,London Metropolitan University (BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering, Primary Supervisor)

H.M.S.Vidusha ,London Metropolitan University (BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering, Primary Supervisor)