Thakshila Wedage

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Thakshila Wedage

PhD Student
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Personal Summary


Personal Summary

Thakshila Wedage is pursuing his PhD in Wireless Communication in Agriculture Technology in the Telecommunications Software & System Group (TSSG) funded by SFI VistaMilk project. His research aims to address the potential problems in dairy farming and provide early and effective solutions using ICT to achieve precision agriculture.


Bachelor Science Special Degree in Mathematics from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka in 2016.


Wedage L.T., Jayasekara L.A.L.W., Analysis of the Performance of players of Cricket World Cup 2019 by Principal Component Analysis, 7th Ruhuna International Science and Technology Conference (RISTCON) January 22, 2020. ISSN:1391-8796 page 74.
Wedage L.T., Jayasekara L.A.L.W., Analyze the Physico-chemical quality of some consumer preferred plain set yogurts sold in Matara municipal area of Sri Lanka: A case study, 4th Ruhuna International Science and Technology Conference (RISTCON) January 26, 2017. ISSN: 1391-8796 page 69.