Yahya Almardeny

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Yahya Almardeny

Experienced Software Research Engineer
P: +353 (0)871025150
Personal Summary

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5308-8355

Yahya is a machine learning researcher, engineer and data analyst with broad medical background and good experience in an assortment of systems development and machine learning engineering positions.

Yahya joined MEPS Division in July 2018, and since then he led the development of the ML Systems across multiple European projects such as CDAAS, CareLink and currently the FAITH H2020 project. In February 2020, Yahya started lecturing a Data Structures & Algorithms module in Waterford Institute of Technology as a part-time job.

Yahya also works in the research area and has multiple contributions and research papers such as the Lightweight AI, Outliers Detection in 3D Space and Hilly cipher.

In industry, Yahya is one of the Core-Development team of the popular open-source framework and toolkit – PyOD for Anomaly Detection. Yahya has advance engineering skills. He is fluent in Python and Java, and he is also skilled in maths and statistics which are essential in his everyday career.

Yahya is an active member in Stackoverflow, where he helps other professional engineers to solve their technological, logical and mathematical challenges they face on a wide range of topics in computer programming, under the following areas: Machine Learning, Python, Java and JavaFX.  With current reputation of 5.5K.

Yahya’s main research area of interests is in:

  • Data Analysis and Anomaly Detection.
  • AI & ML Exploitation for Health Care.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Reinforcement Learning.
  • Statistics and Maths.


  • 2020 – 2021 – Pursuing MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in University Limerick.
  • 2019 – Certificate in AI and Maths from University Limerick.
  • 2018 – Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems Development from WIT (first-class honours).
  • 2013 – Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Damascus University (first-class honours).
  • 2009 – Higher Diploma in Medical Science & Laboratories from Damascus University (first-class honours).


  • IEEE Ireland Network: Waterford, IE
  • AI/ML Special Interest Group: TSSG, Waterford, IE

Hilly – An Improved Version of Hill Cipher. Published on Mystery Twister at https://www.mysterytwisterc3.org/en/challenges/level-ii/hilly-part-2