Yahya Almardeny

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Yahya Almardeny

Junior Software Systems & Machine Learning Engineer
P: +353 (0)871025150
Personal Summary

Full Profile:
Yahya joined the Programmable and Autonomous Systems Unit – PAS as an intern in July 2017 and worked as a full-stack IoT engineer for 6 months; his main project was an Automated Environmental Air Pollution Monitoring System (EAPMS) for getting real-time data of 14 various environmental readings and pushing the boundaries around environmental air monitoring through a mobile, easily deploy-able and maintainable low cost system. After graduation, Yahya joined the Mobile Ecosystem and Pervasive Sensing Unit – MEPS as a Software Systems Developer in July 2018.
Currently Yahya is working on AI project called CDaas that is a cloud-based infection disease detection system, he leads the development of the Machine Learning System. His main focus is on Data Ingestion & Storage, Data Exploration/Transformation Layer, Machine Learning Models Design, Algorithms & Implementation and Microservices Integration.

Yahya dedicates a lot of his free time in giving tutorial on his YouTube channel about the Computer Science Algorithms as well as solving other developers’ coding problems on StackOverFlow.

Machine Learning & AI.
Cyber Security & Cryptography.
Telecommunications & Ad Hoc Networks.
CS Algorithms.
Full-Stack Development.
Solving Programming Problems.

2018 – Bachelor Degree in Software Systems Development from WIT (first-class honours).
2013 – Honours Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Damascus University (first-class honours).
2009 – Higher Diploma in Medical Science & Laboratories from Damascus University (first-class honours).


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