TSSG TestBeds

TSSG Data Centre

TSSG house and operate their own Data Centre facility

This facility supports over 50 concurrently active ICT research projects through the provisioning of Internet services, Cloud Computing resources, and project bespoke testbeds (such as Unified Communications, SDN/NFV, Internet of Things, etc.) and research equipment.

SDI Testbeds

TSSG is continuously developing its Software Defined Infrastructure testbed

Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Orchestration are firmly embedded in our infrastructure, and we are currently testing and reviewing our options regarding Software Defined Networking (SDN), with these three components in place, our Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) journey truly has begun.

IOT Testbeds

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Radio Testbeds

TSSG SDR platform is one of the only large-scale academic SDR testbed deployments in Ireland.

It combines the natural surroundings of the Carriganore Campus at Waterford Institute of Technology with its variable terrain (many species of trees, rocks, hills, flat terrain, bodies of water) over 72 hectares (720000 square meters). It hosts programmable USRPs on easy to configure masts with single mode fibre connectivity to an on-site data centre.

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