IOT Testbeds

IOT TestBeds

Research Infrastructure & IoT Testbeds

The Research Infrastructure & IoT Testbeds of the TSSG play a cross‐cutting organisation role in not only pursuing research in its own thematic areas, but by actively engaging in the research and development of facilities, lab spaces, testbeds, other bespoke ICT systems, and providing access to, or generating, data‐sets. An important element in the division is the development of connections between testbeds that will help foster multidisciplinary research between the different fields.

Real DC

Data centres (DCs) are currently consuming an average of 2% of electricity produced (based on U.S. consumption alone). Efforts to improve the efficiency of these facilities has yielded impressive results in the last 5 years but authoritative sources assert that better data is needed to continue further. We believe that IoT in DCs provides the best solution to monitor and improve DC efficiencies. A critical mass of DCs publishing their usage data is required to correlate and develop best practice solutions for energy savings. Different types of data centres have varying power and water consumption profiles. The current best practice of using PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) doesn’t provide the full picture of DC performance.

Pervasive Nation

The Internet of Things Testbed

Pervasive Nation is Ireland’s Internet of Things testbed operated by CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks headquartered at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.

Pervasive Nation is based on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking technology.
The objective of Pervasive Nation is to build an Internet of Things testbed of scale which will become a resource for industry, government and academia and act as a strong catalyst for Internet of Things research and innovation.

Smart Agriculture IoT testbed

Smart Agriculture IoT testbed is located at TSSG. It is deployed in a distributed manner and consist of a distributed set of IoT sensors, IoT-enabling radio basestations (and associated antennas), gateway servers enabling edge processing capabilities, backhauling solutions (e.g. links from basestation sites to core IoT services data centre), and server capacity hosting IoT resource management services and application enabling software services.

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