IOT TestBeds

Real DC

Data centres (DCs) are currently consuming an average of 2% of electricity produced (based on U.S. consumption alone). Efforts to improve the efficiency of these facilities has yielded impressive results in the last 5 years but authoritative sources assert that better data is needed to continue further. We believe that IoT in DCs provides the best solution to monitor and improve DC efficiencies. A critical mass of DCs publishing their usage data is required to correlate and develop best practice solutions for energy savings. Different types of data centres have varying power and water consumption profiles. The current best practice of using PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) doesn’t provide the full picture of DC performance.

In response to the above, TSSG has opened access to it’s DC data by integrating with the FIESTA-IoT ecosystem (”. This integration comes in the form of sensor data on power, cooling and ambient weather which will be made available to experimenters and other data centre owners as open linked data set through the FIESTA-IoT facilities. Where additional software is required to integrate our sensors, testbed and historical observations, this will be made available as open source software. Through targeted workshops and online training, we intend to grow a community of data centre operators and experimenters in the Higher Educational Institute, Telecoms and Manufacturing sectors who can use the data and tools for experimentation and operational support. Our view is that removing barriers to access our data will be for the benefit all.

Project Implementation

The project leverages the existing sensor infrastructure, monitoring systems and open source software to implement a Testbed Provider Interface for federation with the Fiesta-IoT platform.

Key Objectives
  • Leverage the existing monitoring infrastructure used by the TSSG Infrastructure Group
  • Create a Testbed Provider Interface to the data archives and sensors
  • Create a semantic mapping layer to expose the sensor and archive data as linked data compliant with the Fiesta-IoT data models and ontology.
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