SDI TestBeds

SDR Testbed

TSSG SDR platform is one of the only large-scale academic SDR testbed deployments in Ireland. It combines the natural surroundings of the Carriganore Campus at Waterford Institute of Technology with its variable terrain (many species of trees, rocks, hills, flat terrain, bodies of water) over 72 hectares (720000 square meters).

It hosts programmable USRPs on easy to configure masts with single mode fibre connectivity to an on-site data centre. In the data centre, this radio platform is connected to private cloud infrastructure with allowing for scalable deployment of supporting components. This cloud infrastructure has already been used for experiments and deployments involving SDN, NFV, data analytics and pre-commercial projects with industrial partners.

SDR Deployment
  • WIT West Campus Carriganore
  • 175 acre campus
  • Mixed terrain
    • flat pitches, hills, sloped inclines and woods
  • 4 Node deployment (Ettus X300)
    • 4 antennas per node
    • DC-6GHz (well, 400MHz to 4.4GHz) (Ettus SBX120)
    • 16 x Superbat (700Mhz to 2.6GHz) directional antennas.
      • Mix of dual/tri/quad band omnis.
    • 10GE uplinks for spectrum capture
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