SDI TestBeds

Unified Communications Testbed (FAME)

The FAME testbed provides a highly comprehensive, flexible and powerful platform for tests, validation, and evaluation of algorithms, protocols, tools etc.

This can be used to specifically refine and tune algorithms and knowledge-based systems which can’t be achieved through simulations. By the size of the testbed and the users connected to it, it will also possible to make tests that can evaluate scalability aspects which can be difficult if not possible to model and/or identify through simulations of models and algorithms. On another strand of research, a testbed allows for evaluations of aspects of interoperability which is a key feature for systems that are to cope with heterogeneity and the challenges to bridge systems across domain boundaries. Most importantly it is designed to accelerate the validation and translation of communications management research in to products and services.

The research infrastructure (RI) is a mix of ICT equipment designed to provide a unified communications and networks testbed built upon commodity components. These components consist of server, storage, network, radio, and software elements. This modularity of components is by design and provides a flexible and reconfigurable infrastructure based on research needs, with a major emphasis on emerging communications technologies and protocols such as Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Radio, Cloud Computing, and (network / server) virtualisation services.

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