TSSG Technology Gateway

The commercial interface of TSSG Research Centre.

The TSSG Technology Gateway is part of the Technology Gateway Network funded by Enterprise Ireland. It is the commercial interface of TSSG and is the largest in the network. In partnership with Enterprise Ireland, our role is to deliver technology solutions through collaboration on projects which are close to the market needs of the Irish industry.

We help you with the development of technological solutions applicable to all types of products and services, offering our expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the development process. Research is what defines us. It’s in our roots. Whether you seek individual support or want to work with multiple partners, we can accelerate the progress of your produce.
We understand that you want to be the first to conquer the market with next-generation-technology. Give yourself an edge over your competitors. Partner up with our research and innovation hub in bio communications and digital technologies and get quality results, faster. TSSG have a research engagement process which is a proven successful formula for demand-driven, cooperative research and development. From there we can address your needs in state-of-the-art-analysis, wire-framing and mobile architecture development.

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The Technology Gateway Team

Miguel Ponce de Leon

Technology Gateway Manager

Miguel is the Technology Gateway Manager at the TSSG, were he is responsible for engaging with industrial R&D activities, helping start-ups, micro-SME’s, SME’s and Multinational companies with their research and innovation. Miguel helps to capture feedback on the work of the TSSG in the community gathering new requirements for research and service offerings towards industry.

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Carol Faughnan

Business Development Executive

Carol holds a BA in Anthropology and an MSc in Tourism Management and Business. With previous experience both as a business owner and working in the IoT industry, Carol brings a multi-disciplinary approach to her role at TSSG. Carol is an advocate for innovation and collaboration, and is extremely passionate about the role of technology for the creation of a better society.

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Jim Prendergast

Business Development Executive

Jim has over 8 years experience in sales bringing a passion for advising customers in solutions to better their daily business. He has a background is in IT Hardware Sales gradually moving towards SaaS in recent years. Jim has a passion in innovation & technology that shapes the modern world and now looks forward to further collaboration between research and industry.

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Funding Innovation Engagements

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Innovation Vouchers

The Innovation Voucher programme was developed to build links between Ireland’s public knowledge providers and small businesses. Innovation Vouchers worth €20,000 combined are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider such as TSSG.

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Innovation Partnership (EI-IP)

The IP programme offers financial support to companies who engage in collaborative research projects with TSSG. Enterprise Ireland provides grants of up to 80% towards eligible costs of the research project. The proposal process and administration of the project is managed by the TSSG. TSSG uses the EI-IP programme to undertake joint research and development, which has a high degree of risk with EI HPSUs, large Irish companies and multinationals located in Ireland.

Commercial Fund (EI)

The aim of the Commercialisation Fund Programme is to improve the competitiveness of the Irish economy through the creation of technology-based start-up companies and the transfer of innovations developed in Higher Education Institutes and Research Performing Organisations to industry in Ireland. 

The programme will fund the development of innovations at all stages of the commercial pipeline to the point where they can be commercialised as new products, services and companies.

For More information Contact:
TSSG Technology Gateway Manager

Miguel Ponce de Leon
Phone: +353 (0)51 302952 / +353 (0)86 8590881
Email: miguelpdl@tssg.org

Contract R&D
Contract Research

The Technology Gateway engages in contract research to solve specific technical challenges for Irish companies. These projects are typically undertaken by companies that they can gain access to research knowledge in a quicker timeframe.  

TSSG also engages in consulting to specific research, technical or knowledge challenges for Irish companies. Consulting engagements tend to be high-value engagements using TSSG researchers to examine specific issues and make recommendations.  


TSSG engages in consulting to solve specific research, technical or knowledge challenges for Irish companies. Consulting engagements tend to be high-value engagements using TSSG researchers to examine specific issues and make recommendations.

For More information Contact:
TSSG Technology Gateway Manager

Miguel Ponce de Leon
Phone: +353 (0)51 302952 / +353 (0)86 8590881
Email: miguelpdl@tssg.org

European Union Grants

The Technology Gateway can also advise on larger project grants, utilising European Union funds for SMEs and fast track to innovation funds for micro-SMEs. The team can help navigate the multitude of grants on offer and help find collaborators from across the EU. 

What can TSSG do for you?

TSSG are happy to discuss your innovative idea with you. We can  help guide you through the funding opportunities and input into the development of your European proposal for Horizon 2020.

There are particular opportunities for SME’s in H2020 through the H2020 SME Funding Instrument (see PDF below) where we can support you in submitting your funding proposal.  Should you be successful in obtaining funding TSSG can partner with you for Phase I ‘Concept and Feasibility Assessment’ and for Phase II ‘Demonstration Market Replication R&D’

How can TSSG support you?

TSSG research group at Waterford Institute of Technology is a recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation. We have over 100 researchers working in a broad range of Information and Communications Technologies.

Our technical research expertise includes Mobile Platforms  and Services, Security Privacy and Identity, Data Analytics and Social Computing, Adaptive Networks and Services.

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For More information Contact:
Director of Innovation

Kevin Doolin
Phone: +353 (0)51 302 935
Email: kdoolin@tssg.org

H2020 Groups TSSG are involved in:
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Technology Licensing

Technology Transfer Office

Technology Licensing in WIT is managed through the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). It is the TTO that licenses the outputs of EI-IPs to the partner companies. In addition TSSG develops service frameworks and technologies independent of partner companies through the EI Commercialisation Fund and the European Commission Framework programme and TSSG works hand-in-hand with the TTO to identify opportunities to license these frameworks to Irish industry or to Irish entrepreneurs to help create new start-ups.


TSSG offers companies an array of testbeds including SDI, IOT, Radio and Smart Agriculture.

Case Studies

TSSG has been collaborating with industry for many years across a wide variety of sectors. We have helped to create new and unique innovations within organisations and update current processes.


TSSG have a proven track record in supporting high potential start-up companies in the South East leading to the creation of over 17 spin-out and spin-in companies.


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+353 (0)51 341 100